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Local Prevention Coalitions

Prevention Coalitions in Butler County, OH

Create Healthy, Thriving & Substance-Free Communities

Envision Partnerships seeks to improve the local communities around Butler County, OH by providing access to valuable resources to help create healthy, thriving & substance-free communities. Wether it's for you, a loved one, a child or adult - there are many local resources that are available to help uplift you, your family & your local community.

Learn more about the coalition that interests you most by clicking a link below:

  • Through suicide-awareness events and trainings, BCSPC seeks to reduce stigma surrounding mental health and suicide within our community.

  • Through increased community collaboration and youth-led initiatives, the Hamilton Prevention Partners Coalition will reduce youth substance use, specifically targeting marijuana, alcohol, and tobacco/e-cigarettes.

  • Utilizing local youth coalitions, this coalition focuses specifically on reducing tobacco and e-cigarette use across Butler County.