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Conflict & Violence Prevention Training

At the center of every conflict are people with feelings who want a peaceful resolution. Mediation can be helpful in such situations. Our youth-focused problem-solving sessions are for any youth with school behavior or academic problems.

In mediation sessions, youth and families address issues related to the specific charge or problem. If appropriate, we may make a referral to one of our many community partners based upon the presenting concerns.

Through these offerings, we employ life skills and developmental assets to equip both youth and parents with the tools to address future concerns on their own, should they arise. The ultimate prize is reducing youth involvement in the formal justice system, especially minority youth. 

Goals of Conflict Resolution Services include:

  • Mediations resulting in an agreement between parties
  • Increasing protective factors (ie. family communication)
  • Decreasing problem behaviors
  • Reducing recidivism

Learn more about our offerings in Conflict Resolution/Violence Prevention by visiting our What We Do tab.