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Prevent Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Prevention Programs

Prevent Substance Abuse Through Education

The prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, abuse, and dependence is at the core of this vital prevention pillar. Through the education and support of individuals and communities, this work aims to prevent the use and misuse of illegal and prescription drugs, as well as the development of an alcohol or substance use disorder. 

Effective Substance Abuse Programs for Kids & Adults

We make an impact in this field by enriching the lives of our community through offerings that reach youth and adults, individually as well as within their communal environments. All of our programs and practices are carefully selected and backed by scientific research and data.

Our work in prevention is collaborative with longstanding partnerships that include but is not limited to:  all school districts in Butler County, the Juvenile Court, Miami University, and our social service colleagues. By providing a continuum of care and seamless referrals, we can better serve the needs of our community. 

What Are the Goals of the Substance Abuse Prevention Program?

Goals of Substance Abuse Prevention include:

  • Delaying the first use of substances

  • Decreasing substance use and abuse

  • Decreasing to abstinence

  • Low-risk drinking (when appropriate) for adults 

Want to Learn More About the Substance Abuse Prevention Training Program?

To learn more about our offerings in substance abuse prevention, visit our What We Do tab.