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Botvin Life Skills Training in Cincinnati, OH


What is Botvin Life Skills Training?

Botvin's LifeSkills Training (LST) is a substance abuse prevention program proven to reduce the risks of alcohol, tobacco, drug abuse, and violence by targeting major social and psychological factors that promote the initiation of substance use and other risky behaviors.

Positive Life Skills & Substance Abuse Training Program for Kids

This program provides adolescents and young teens with the confidence and skills necessary to successfully handle challenging situations they may face. Three major components of this training including drug resistance skills, person self-management skills, and general social skills.

Program Audience & Goals

Who is LST Training for?

Botvin LifeSkills Training is designed for youth and teens spanning elementary, middle/junior high school, and high school. It has been proven effective across a variety of environments from rural to inner-city districts. 

Prevent Risky Behavior & Peer Pressure Influence

Rather than merely teaching information about the dangers of drug abuse, Botvin’s LifeSkills Training promotes healthy alternatives to risky behavior through activities designed to:

  •  Teach students the necessary skills to resist social (peer) pressures to smoke, drink, and use drugs
  •  Help students to develop greater self-esteem and self-confidence
  •  Enable students to effectively cope with anxiety
  •  Increase their knowledge of the immediate consequences of substance abuse
  •  Enhance cognitive and behavioral competency to reduce and prevent a variety of health risk behaviors

How Long is the Botvin Life Skills Program?

The Botvin Life Skills Training program last for over 10-15 weeks, a prevention professional will deliver this program in a class, like Health, or at an after-school program. 

Want to Learn More About Botvin LST Training?

To learn more about this program, contact us using this form and we’ll respond with the relevant information.