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Minimize Risk, Maximize Life

Minimize Risk, Maximize Life is a low-risk drinking course for adults that focuses on adult alcohol use and adult prevention. This flexible and adaptable curriculum gives simple, straightforward answers to questions like, “Is drinking alcohol OK? How much in real numbers is OK?” Program topics include media literacy, Standard Drink Guidelines, and the impact of alcohol on health and wellness.

Training Audience & Goals

This course is specifically designed for adult learners.

Program goals for Minimize Risk, Maximize Life include:

  • Increasing awareness of the low-risk drinking guidelines for adults
  • Decreasing high risk alcohol and related problems associated with use
  • Increasing awareness of problems associated with high-risk alcohol use
  • Increasing understanding of low-risk drinking guidelines, language, and concepts to share with others

To get more information surrounding Minimize Risk, Maximize Life, contact Lori Higgins at