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Kidz-n-Character Youth Program

Performing Arts Program for Kids

Kidz-n-Character is an after-school and summer program that uses the performing and creative arts to build character and developmental assets in young people.

Self Esteem & Leadership Training for Kids

Kids who participate get to explore exciting activities like theater, music, dance, puppetry, and other arts, while also learning about how to make positive and healthy choices. Teen and adult role models guide participants in this theatrical setting while encouraging strong self-esteem, leadership, and other life and social skills.

Program Audience & Goals

Who can attend the Kidz-n-Character program?

Kidz-n-Character engages youth in elementary and middle school, but interested teens can help as volunteers.

What are the goals of the program?

Goals of the program include empowering youth to explore their creative interests while developing keen social skills. 


Want to Learn More About the Kidz-n-Character Program?

To learn more about this program, enroll a child, or get information about volunteering, contact Kim StrongLytle at