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Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR)

Just as CPR helps anyone save a life in a medical emergency, QPR is a simple educational program that teaches ordinary citizens how to recognize a mental health emergency and get a person at-risk the help they need.

In these trainings, certified QPR Gatekeeper Instructors teach the three steps anyone can learn to help prevent suicide: Question, Persuade, and Refer. In just 90 minutes, you can learn to save a life.

Training Audience & Goals

The more people trained in QPR, the more lives are saved. This can be viewed as a bystander-intervention program, but teams such as teachers, coaches, social service providers, company leadership, and church groups can benefit from getting this training.

Goals of QPR Gatekeeper Training include:

  • Educating participants on the myths and facts associated with suicide
  • The warning signs of suicide and contributing causes
  • How to Question, Persuade, and Refer someone who may be suicidal
  • Sharing resources available to help someone in crisis
Register & Learn More

To join learn how to bring a QPR Gatekeeper Training to your workplace, school, place of worship, or civic organization, contact Kristen Smith at (513) 868-2100 ext. 228 or

To attend one of our upcoming virtual trainings, visit our event calendar or use the links below to register for an upcoming date:

Wednesday, January 12 1:00 PM 

Friday, February 11 11:00AM