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Prevention is Our Superpower
Prevention is Our Superpower

About Envision Partnerships

#1 Prevention Training Company in Hamilton, OH

A True Leader in Substance Abuse Prevention & Behavior Modification

Envision Partnerships is a region-wide leader in prevention, utilizing evidence-based approaches in all of our processes, programs, and services. We are built on respect for the individual and the differences and strengths each person possesses.

We Help Create Stronger Communities

We encourage involvement in purposeful change and integrity in all relationships. Envision Partnerships supports lifelong learning in the prevention of substance abuse, violence & conflict resolution, gambling and other high-risk behaviors. Promoting wellness underlies all that we do and highlights holistic health as the foundation of prevention science. Our staff and volunteers are dedicated to empowering individuals, families, and communities to live happy, healthy, safe, and substance free lives!

Life is what you make it:

Make it safe, healthy, and drug-free!

Contact us today to learn more about our various training programs & what we can do for you & your community.