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Community Early Intervention

Community Early Intervention (CEI) is a 2-part program that provides education in session one and mediation in session two. Education topics include marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, gaming/gambling, decision-making, problem-solving, and healthy coping skills. CEI may serve as an alternative to suspension or involvement in the formal justice system. There is a cost of $50.00 (or $40.00 with proof of Medicaid Insurance). 

The intended audience for this program is youth who have been identified through the school or Juvenile Court as a first-time offender by using a substance, possessing drugs or paraphernalia, or engaging in a physical or verbal altercation. A parent/guardian is required to accompany the youth.

The goal of CEI is to keep youth out of the formal justice system and help juveniles complete the diversion program.

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If you have already been referred to or registered for CEI, complete the pre-session screening and payment form below. 

Click here --> PRE-SESSION SCREENING to complete the pre-session assessment prior to the first appointment. 

Community Early Intervention: Payment Form

Note: this form is for payment via credit/debit card only, but a check will also be accepted in-person at your scheduled session. If your meeting is virtual, a check can be sent to Envision Partnerships, 2935 Hamilton-Mason Rd., Hamilton, OH 45011. 

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Note: If you pay $40.00, you will be asked to present your Medicaid card/proof of insurance at your first scheduled session.
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