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Prevention Policy

Policy plays a key role in good prevention. As part of CADCA's 7 Strategies for Community Change, policies create a formal change in practice or procedure. Some policies are "Big P" policies; ones that are voted in by a governing body like a state legislature, city council, or school board. Others are "little p" policies that deal more with the practices and procedures, such as adoption of drug-free workplace initiatives. Policy initiatives serve as great prevention tactics because they make environmental-level change, that is to say changes that affect everyone.  

Envision Partnerships has led and collaborated on policies that affect Butler County residents, including:

  • Is leading Butler County's Tobacco Policy Coalition, focused on Tobacco 21, which has proven effectiveness in reducing tobacco and e-cigarette access to youth


  • Collaborated with Working Partners and businesses around Butler County on developing Drug-Free Workplace initiatives after Ohio legalized marijuana used as medicine


  • Through the Greater Hamilton Coalition for a Healthy, Safe, and Drug-Free Community, housed at Envision Partnerships, worked with Hamilton City Council to pass a ban on marijuana dispensaries in city limits