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Think Responsibly, Drink Responsibly!

What is known about the role of adult drinking? How do adults know if they are making responsible decisions regarding their own drinking?

There is little to guide adults in making informed choices if and when they choose to drink alcohol.

This course was developed to help answer basic questions like: How much? How often? How potent? The truth is that size matters. It is common to count things like calories, money, and steps. It makes sense to also count drinks. 

Although concrete information about legal alcohol use limits and consumption levels that reduce harm exists, this information is not widely known.

Adults applying low-risk drinking guidelines can be a giant leap toward a healthier self and community.

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This course is free and available for any adult age 18+. An in-person course is also available to be scheduled for a group of 5-40 people, or a virtual course for up to 20 people. To learn more about how to bring this course to a location near you or if you are interested in becoming a facilitator, please fill out the form below