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A New Year to Reduce/Quit Drinking.

Many people decide to start the New Year with resolutions, ranging from health and wellness, organization, learning a new skill, or even financial freedom. The most common include health and wellness. Whether that is exercising more, losing weight, to even reducing and quitting alcohol and tobacco use, it is something that is achievable. In January, many people take a break from alcohol consumption to feel healthier after indulging this past holiday season. Some health benefits of participation in Dry January are losing weight and feeling less bloated, developing healthier eating habits, quality sleep, better hydration, and an increase of energy. Becoming alcohol-free in January can also aid in achieving other New Year resolutions that you may have set for yourself. For example, increase savings by not purchasing alcohol or even getter better quality sleep by not having alcohol metabolization affecting your sleep. 

As Dry January continues and the urges may creep up, here are some tips to stick to your goal through the end of the month: 

  • Purchase non-alcoholic beverages or make mocktails
  • Find a different way to socialize
  • Remind yourself of the health and financial benefits 
  • Keep hydrated
  • Manage craving and triggers with healthy coping skills 
  • Be accountable to yourself and others 

This past New Year's Eve, Envision Partnerships hosted our first virtual Mocktail Party. Many people partook in making delicious holiday-themed mocktails. These mocktails were the top winning mocktails voted for on our social media during the Envision Partnerships "12 Days of Mocktails". The mocktails included a Raspberry Holiday Punch, White Chocolate Peppermint Mocktini, and a Mistletoe Mule. The Mocktail Party was a huge success and provided families a great alternative to spending time together and making alcohol-free beverages everyone can enjoy!