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Butler County Tobacco Policy Coalition

What is the Tobacco Policy Coalition?

The Butler County Tobacco Policy Coalition was formed by concerned preventionists and public health professionals who identified an alarming increase in vaping/e-cigarette use, especially among youth. Together, the prevention coalitions from around the county, public health departments, researchers specializing in tobacco use, tobacco cessation counselors, and educators, to name a few representatives, came together to address this issue.

Who Can Attend & What Are the Goals?

Youth who want to make a positive impact in their community, who are leaders because of their involvement in sports and other performance groups, and who are civically-minded are the most important sector of this coalition. Other adults who have been impacted by tobacco and tobacco products, or who are concerned for the health of youth in their community are necessary for this work to be accomplished. 

Although Tobacco 21, the law that prohibits sales of tobacco products to anyone under the age of 21, has been passed at a state and federal level, the law is weak as it is written. The coalition is focused on strengthening that law and looking for local solutions to reduce the number of people affected by and becoming addicted to all tobacco products. 

Want to Help Educate Children on the Dangers of Tobacco?

To learn more or get involved, see the contacts for the Butler County Tobacco Policy Coalition below: